Natural Gas


It’s a great feeling knowing that you can reduce your carbon footprint, and switching to Natural Gas allows you to do this for your home or business.

Being connected to Natural Gas will enable you to manage your hot water, heating and cooking requirements more effectively than ever before.

Getting Connected

Let us take away the hassle of getting connected so you can concentrate on more exciting things like choosing the right appliances for your property. If the property is on the Jemena network, we can make all the arrangements – once an application for connection is made for you by your plumber.

To start, simply use the Natural Gas availability tool, which will tell you if your property is within the Jemena Gas Network and if Natural Gas is available.

Having confirmed the status of the property, your plumber will need to fill out a connection application form. 

Residential Connection application Form (PDF)

For connections to new homes, please download the following appliaction form.

New Homes Connection Form (PDF) 

When the form is ready, your plumber should forward it to the Jemena New Connections Team (see contact details on the form). Alternatively, you can apply online here.

On receipt of the application, we will generate a connection offer and send it back to you for acceptance.

Following your acceptance of our connection offer, we will contact you to arrange connection.

For further details about the connection process, please visit the Jemena website here


Frequently asked questions

Q.1 I want to connect my home to Natural Gas, but how?

Just follow these 3 easy steps to find out if you are eligible.


Q.2 How do I find out if Natural Gas is in my street?

Find out if Natural Gas is available in your street by using the form above.

Q.3 What if I can’t connect?

If you find that you cannot get connected to Natural Gas, you can leave your postcode and details so we can keep you updated with ‘when and if’ Natural Gas is coming to a street near you. In addition to this, you can always consider LPG, as the environmental benefits are similar to those of Natural Gas.